Installing your whirlpool bath

  1. Your whirlpool bath was tested at the factory before it was dispatched to your merchant. However it is possible that the unit could have become damaged in transit or through improper handling. It is therefore imperative that your whirlpool unit be tested before it is enclosed. No claim will be honoured if the bath was not tested beforehand (see Testing your whirlpool bath below).
  2. Your whirlpool bath should be installed like any normal bath, using battens to support the lip of the bath (see Bath Installation Instructions). The whirlpool bath is mounted on a galvanised frame with four adjustable legs to assist in levelling the bath and to ensure that the pump unit is attached at the correct operating height. If the pump is not at the correct height it will affect the performance of the unit. The pump should also not be moved or tampered with.
  3. Throw the mortar base as described in the Bath Installation Instructions, to secure the whirlpool bath in position. This step is not necessary if your whirlpool is fitted with an Air Spa System, in which case only the adjustable legs must have mortar around them to secure the bath.
  4. Ensure that the bellows tubing (3 mm clear pipe) is attached to the pump and bellows button (On/Off button on the rim of the bath).
  5. Plan your access trap (inspection hole) to the pump, blower (if fitted) and in-line heater (if fitted) before you enclose the front of the bath. The access trap should not be smaller than 400 mm x 400 mm and should be situated near the pump, for easy access.
  6. The electrical cable from the pump must be connected to a 15Amp normal household electrical supply and must be covered by the earth leakage.

Testing your whirlpool bath

Before enclosing your whirlpool bath, fill it with water until all the jets are covered and allow it to stand for 30 minutes. Thereafter test the whirlpool bath under normal working conditions. Inspect all fittings and apertures for any leaks. Once the unit has been tested and no leaks have been found, the unit may be enclosed.
Operating instructions

1    Fill bath with water to a level covering the whirlpool jets.

2    The whirlpool bath is manually operated via a pneumatic switch situated on the rim of the bath, called a bellows button. Switch the whirlpool On/Off by depressing the bellows button (see Figures 1A and 1B).




3    The air intake to the jets is also manually adjusted via the Air Control situated next to the bellows button on the rim of the bath. Min. = no air to the jets; Max. = maximum air to the jets (see Figures 2A and 2B).




4    The Jets on your whirlpool bath can be individually switched off by turning either nozzle of the jet in the case of the Deluxe jets, or the outer part of the jet in the case of the Economy jets. Clockwise = open; anti-clockwise = close (Figures 3A and 3B). Please note: You must never switch off all the jets.




5    The jet direction can also be adjusted to suit your individual needs by moving the nozzle of the jet up, down, left and right.

6    The Deluxe whirlpool pump system has run dry protection built in. This version will not start up unless there is water in the bath.

7    Both the Deluxe and Economy systems are self draining, therefore water will not stay behind in the piping of your whirlpool.